You don't know anything about Romania

For the romanians abroad and not only

So, the campaign Yo don’t know anything about Romania continues. But I wanted to explain something I thought about in the last few days. First I wanted this to be from romanians abroad about their experiences, good or bad, with people. But I received a letter from Ivona and she told me about romanians and also Liana wrote me a few words that I will post it tomorrow.

So, this will be about:

1. Romanians abroad and their experiences
2. Romanians abroad about romanians
3. People abroad about romanians

I hope that this way I can cover all your desires. If something new will appear I guess I will add another small cathegory.

I am waiting your letters at  If you want I will keep private your name and country you are writing from.

Please feel free to express yourself and please think about the change. We all have our issues as a country and we all have problems with people around us, but every culture has its goods and bads. I prefer thinking that we are more good, smart, creative, talented than thieves, arrogants and jerks.

Well, thank you.






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